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The Concept of Oneness

The Concept of Oneness is not a theory or an opinion. It is a door to understanding reality. It is called a "concept" because it is most readily perceived by that area of the brain which makes use of "concept-symbol", rather than that area which makes use of what is known as "logic" or rational thought.

Simply put, the Concept of Oneness maintains that all things, regardless of energy state, form, color, density, duration, etc. are One Boundless Being. And though each aspect of this One is truly unique, nevertheless, that aspect (or any aspect) is completely and fully the All, the One, the Boundless. Nor can any aspect ever be more or less of the One.

The human mind, through a process which we call "merging", can experience an awareness of Oneness and thereafter know that such is the true state of existence. This knowledge can be applied with practical advantage to one's life process.

The greatest stumbling block to a true understanding of the Concept of Oneness is it's very simplicity. It is truly as simple as is seems. This is enough to drive the human Ego into apoplexy, as it lacks any support whatsoever to its claims to importance. So the Ego will try to re-explain it in such a way as to give the Ego some measure of importance. Thus it has been lost again and again throughout the history of humanity. The more complicated you make it, the easier it is to stop up the drain!


Oneness flow chart

This is a pictorial flowchart-type description of the Duality of our Incarnation Cycle and the two universal forces. These "Forces", called the Manifest and Unmanifest are, in reality, simply other ways of referring to the Underworld of Annwyn and this Middle World of Abred. Notice it is cyclic, not linear. A common misconception is that reality is predicated on two extremes and that linear relationship makes things either light or dark; good or bad; right or wrong. This is an error.

The development of a linear/polar description of reality is based on the conditions and limitations of our humanity. Our brains, through the biological function of our binary synapse, can only perceive the Universe in terms of extremity. It can only perceive Yes/No, On/Off.

We are faced with the enormous task of describing a reality with three "States" or "Phases" - the Three Worlds of Annwyn, Abred and Gwynfyd in a manner consistent with a binary system. To explain the circular in a linear manner. To be two dimensional, yet transcend to be cognizant of a three dimensional reality. With that in mind, first we need to see this binary model, and then move our perspective to transcend the linear.

The Duality of Reality

  1. The Manifest - That which is. This Middle World, Abred, and all things we can experience as a part of this place that is governed by what we call "Natural Law" or Physics.

  2. The Unmanifest - That which isn't. Everything arises out of and returns to the Unmanifested. Life begins in Annwyn, and in the continuing Cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth, Annwyn is where all things go. We go there to begin our journey back until we are ready to transcend both.


The Manifest becomes the point of origin, spanning through the lifetime of a pattern until it dissolves back into that which isn't. The Unmanifest likewise waxes to a peak and then wanes, to dissolve back into what we view as life. At any point of its existence, the pattern has elements of both Manifest and Unmanifest inherent in its nature. It is a part of both and neither. It is in a third state - the transcendence of the cycle of life itself to the existence in pure consciousness , in whatever Universe (or dimension if you prefer) it is in. Not the extremes which we use to block in our reference points. Our consciousness, the Anima, or life spark itself, is what links us to this third state, witch is a part of both and neither. The paradox of this is that we find each of these states in each state. That to truly understand one, we find the difference with the other to only be illusory.

The Three Universal Forces

  1. The Positive - Creates patterns out of energy and matter. Our physical existence. We are in Time and Space as we know it in this life; Abred.

  2. The Negative - Breaks, alters patterns, causes randomness to arise in energy and matter.
    Remember that Positive and Negative do not connote "good" or "bad" in this sense. Annwyn.

  3. Then there is NEUTRALITY, or that which is not in transition. Not at one extreme or another. That which simply IS. So again we have a third state of existence. All Things are ultimately more or less in part both negative and positive, male and female, passive and active, light and dark. We base our self-awareness on the recognition of a dichotomy between ourselves and others. Even if, in objective reality, these "great Divisions", that have sometimes predicated hatred, suffering and genocide, are but a matter of degrees of difference, tiny differences not noticeable to anyone outside the controversy. Most things are not "positive" or "negative". They are simply there; neutral. They are neither creating nor destroying. They simply ARE. In this same way, we are more like each other than we are different. We are One. We are outside Time OR Space We have transcended the Cycle and now are experiencing the World where the Shining Ones Live - Gwynfyd.

More in-depth descriptions of these concepts are to follow.

The Manifested and Unmanifest

Here is a mental image for you to think about concerning the Unmanifested.

Space has three dimensions, and when you put something in it, such as an object, a fourth dimension results as a side-effect; time. So - space has structure. Imagine space as a boundless vessel without any walls. A vessel. What does this vessel contain? It contains a substance that is formless, vibrationless and colorless. The only thing that reveals its presence is the speed of light. Light moves through space at approximately 186,000 miles per second. Why? If the vessel of space were truly empty, the speed of light would be infinite. Therefore, there is a formless substance in the vessel of space, and its density is revealed by how much it slows the light that travels through it (186,000 mi. per sec.). This substance is That which takes form and energy and becomes the Manifested. Yet the Manifested, Space and the Unmanifested are all aspects of one thing: the One that is All.

In the Qabala, the Manifested is said to be made of the four great "elements"; earth, water, air and fire. They call the unmanifested substance in the vessel of space "ether". In their symbolism, all things are different manifestations of the four great "elements" which arise out of the "ether" and return to it. The Celtic view gives the Universe nine elements. In addition to the four Qabalistic manifested ones, there are four that relate thus to the Unmanifested, symbolized in the Qabala by "ether". The Manifest and Unmanifest are then linked by a ninth element (anima), consciousness, leading to the Awareness we call Merging. The visual imagery here looks much like the Buddhist dorje, or if seen on end, an eight-spoked wheel.


ArianhrodWe know through our study of physics and its laws that the Universe is made of particles that are basically the same. Molecules are made up of smaller particles (atoms) which are divided into negative, neutral, and positive charges. These are further divided into yet smaller particles (sub-atomic) and yet still smaller, until the entire Universe can be seen in terms of homogeneous particles flying (or floating) around in space - a vast void - "that which isn't". The particles that make up "that which is", swirl and flow to arrange themselves into various patterns which we perceive to be different things, but which in reality are no more different than ripples and flows of water. The only real difference between a river, lake, or creek is the form that the common material takes. We are all made of the same basic material, which forms into distinctly complex patterns (the Manifested) with "that which isn't" (the Unmanifested)...filling the holes! The Manifested and Unmanifested in this way fill the same space simultaneously and are therefore dependent on each other for their forms and existence. Note the "Instructions of Kerridwen", the ninefold mother "elemental" creation myth:

  1. Out of that which has no name issued She who is the Mother of All Things.

  2. The Greatest One, the Mother of us all (note: the Universe) did take upon Herself two aspects: One which we call the Dark one (note: the unmanifested), and that which we call the Bright One (note: the manifested).

  3. This was done so that there would be an ever-renewing of All Things, and that all things might ever grow, learning from what has passed before.

Notes: When there is only One, Sameness, then there is no growth. It is through the dichotomy of division into two (or more) that Uniqueness occurs - that "consciousness" originates. Energy is created by the interplay of the differences of the Universe's Manifested and Unmanifested! This is friction, which can be defined by the constant of the speed of light. Energy is "Consciousness" of the Universal Mind. For the concepts of "Expectation" and "Desire" to exist, one must be "conscious" or Unique. But there is a problem here. Uniqueness limits. It tells us that we are different from the rest of the Boundless Universe. We are only ourselves. So the process which creates our ability to cognate destroys our ability to create as we become "powerless", alienated, and not a part.

To "re-energize" this equation we must rediscover our "sameness" all over again. We must look at our Uniqueness as only "apparent"; we are ripples only, not solid forms. We diffuse in this manner - our Consciousness is not limited to the distinct number of particles and spaces whose interaction created its energy. That energy, once conceived, takes on its own identity and can flow unimpeded, diffusing out - affecting matter/anti-matter (manifested/unmanifested) patterns anytime, anywhere, and in any way. This merging of the Uniqueness back into Sameness and thereby "passing through" or diffusing beyond is just that - Merging!

That's right. In order to merge, you are experiencing a paradox - being unique consciousness while experiencing the SAMENESS of everything. You are the tree, the tree is you; you are the table, the table is you; you are both yourself and more than yourself simultaneously as the energy lines are blurred. You can in this way also "energize" from the energy patterns around - absorb what you need and direct it elsewhere. The Laws of the Conservation of Energy apply here. The Consciousness, or energy, is never destroyed, just transferred to affect the pattern of the matter/anti-matter you have directed it toward. For this reason also, your energy (consciousness) cannot be destroyed, only transferred. This is how we base Reincarnation or Transmigration.

You cannot be destroyed, just transferred to "energize" another pattern of matter as the previous evaporates. But keep in mind, here also is sameness. Your unique (EGO) consciousness isn't any more "inviolate" than the matter pattern. Ironically, this is the source of ego self-importance. The Ego is very aware of the ephemeral nature of its existence.

Any change can be seen by the ego as "life threatening", a mini "death" that threatens real death to the ego. When we as spiritual beings transcend our conditioning, our Ego cannot follow. It will change, metaphorically die. Like any living thing, the Ego has a will to live. It IS that very will to live among all living things. So it does not relinquish itself to the control of the Self readily. But relinquish it must eventually do, as the body dies and the conscious continues on.

Our individual consciousness is part of the Universal Consciousness and flows and evolves as a part of it. Change. There is always an ever-renewing of all things.

4. And the Dark One took upon Herself three aspects, and likewise did She who is Bright.

Notes: At this point our particles take on the form we recognize in the atom - negative, neutral and positive - or electron, neutron and proton.

The Instructions of Kerridwen continue beyond this in a description of the order of life which, ever-increasing in complexity, is beyond the scope of the precious subject. Suffice it to say that while there is infinite variety in the All Mother Kerridwen, She is still One and all aspects of the One are equal to every other, none more or less important, yet each having its own unique function in the Boundless Being. - Brid


Your teacher will give you a basic description of merging and demonstrate it with conscious experiences of the state of mind with magical games or exercises. Keep in mind the following:

  1. When you merge with Manifest Reality you must follow natural law. A good example is the farmer who pulls up his whole crop tugging on them to make them grow faster - they don't.

  2. If you merge with the Unmanifested, there can be spontaneous creation - natural law can be circumvented. There are dangers inherent here, though, to the unwary. It can also result in a poor use of one's energy reserves with little benefit.


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