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The Feast we hold after the Rituals of the Great Days of the Sun and Moon is not just a big pot-luck party. And although it might be possible to get the mistaken idea that it is a great way to get in on some free food and wine, it is meant to be an opportunity to participate in a very special ritual. The God Feast is an extension of the previous Rituals. It is a Feast at which we celebrate and commemorate our special relationship with the Ancestors. We and the Gods are members of one Family: Y Awenechen.

For those who still do not know what and why we have this Feast, and the things we avoid doing, here are several guidelines for those who are interested in PERSONAL GROWTH:

  1. We toast the Gods to show our love and respect for them.
  2. We discuss the Ancient Knowledge and Metaphysics for personal and group growth.
  3. We ask questions! We avoid personal conversation.
  4. We tell stories, sing songs, and compose poems for our (and our god family's amusement and growth.
  5. We invent and play magical and metaphysical games for fun and for our own growth.
  6. We share our god dreams, visitations, messages and questions about the Gods for our growth and as a show of esteem and love for the Ancestors.
  7. We encourage god rapport.
  8. We discuss, point out and play games about the Concept of Oneness for growth, and deeper understanding.
  9. We seek to know and use WSSL: Wisdom, Self-honesty, Self-responsibility and Love, for ourselves and our craft family's growth.
  10. We seek growth and changes.
  11. We practice merging.
  12. We discuss patterns, lessons, the cosmology and traditions.
  13. What do you bring to share with your Family?

Appendix I

Introduction to the Ancestors

  1. CauldronKerridwen -"the Great", All Mother, goddess of inspiration and knowledge,"The Nine Fold One".
    A. Features: Translucent, like moonlight.
    B. Cult Object: Cauldron.

  2. Kernunnos - title of the All Father, Lord of the Animals, Lord of Life and Death, Lord of Wealth.
    A. Features: Curly brown hair, medium long, fair and ruddy, brown eyes, short tunic.
    B. Cult Objects: Horns on head, a stag, a bull, three cranes, a rat, a bag of flowing coins, a snake belt, a goat.

  3. Epona - Earth goddess, fertilized by water. A Gaulish Goddess. Associated with Artio.
    A. Features: Fair, black hair, grey eyes, blue and gray robes.
    B. Cult Objects: Pictured seated on a horse, holds an apple.

  4. Rhiannon - "Great Queen" - also associated with horses, but as the Queen Mare.
    A. Features: Fair, ruddy and bright, reddish brown hair, robes are bright reds or red browns.
    B. Cult Objects: Apples, Mare, three birds.

  5. Robur - Tree god (Oak), the monad of all Oaks.

  6. Fagus - Tree god (Beech), the monad of all Beeches.

  7. Artio - Bear goddess - the monad of all Female Bears. The Many Breasted One

  8. Tarvos Trigaranos - "with three cranes" - God of Vegetation, an aspect of Kernunnos.

  9. Esus - Woodland god, woodsman and hunter, slays Kernunnos. Lord of Hunters, Destruction.

  10. Taranis WheelTaranis - God of the passing seasons, storms, thunder. Grey Goose of War, consort of Epona, the Grey Mare of Gaul.
    A. Features: Very fair, blue eyes, wild hair and beard, blue grey and white tunics and mantle.
    B. Cult Objects: The eight (8) spoked wheel of the passing seasons.

  11. Dumeatis - Celtic Mercury - same as Lugh. God of Teachers

  12. Ogmios - (Ogma, Oisean) - a civilization god, inventor of writing. Celtic Heracles.
    A. Features: Fair, blue eyes, light brown hair, wears light brown tunic or is nude.
    B. Cult Objects: Sometimes a club, at others a stick with runes on it, pictured sometimes with a large phallus.

  13. Sun SymbolsBorvo, Bormo, Bormanus - God of healing, Celtic Apollo.
    A. Features: Golden skin tone, golden hair, golden eyes, golden tunic.
    B. Cult Objects: Harp, hot springs, flute, the sun disk.

  14. Star SymbolsSirona - Venus, goddess of astral nature - associated with Borvo.
    A. Features: Fair, black hair, star on forehead, wears dark blue robes with star-like jewels all over it.
    B. Cult Object: the star.

  15. Camulus - Celtic Mars - war god.
    A. Features: Dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, blood-red tunic
    B. Cult Object: the severed head.

  16. Gobannon, Gofannon, Goibnu - blacksmith god and also magic. As Gofannon, son of Don
    A. Features: Dark, brown eyes, black hair, wears short brown tunic with leather apron.
    B. Cult Objects: a blacksmith's tools.

  17. Belisama - "like unto flame", a title of the goddess of fire - also Brid.

  18. Brid, Brede, Brigit, Bridget - Sun Goddess, fire goddess, goddess of the hearth and home.
    A. Features: Fair, bright, eyes bright sunny blue, hair honey golden, wears warm yellow browns, yellow and white robes.
    B. Cult Objects: The sacred flame, the firepot, spindle and distaff.

  19. Succellos - God of death and fertility. Gaulish Ancestral God. One doesn't want to know how He looks. He holds a spear.

  20. Baker's PaddleNantosvelta - Goddess of abundance, associated with Succellos.
    A. Features: Fair, rosy, brown hair and eyes, wears blue-green robes.
    B. Cult Objects: Holds a dove house on a pole in one hand, also sometimes has a bakers' paddle.

  21. Nemetona, Nemon - goddess of the Oak Grove, a warrior goddess. One of the 5 Battle Ravens.

  22. Danu, Dana, Anna, Anu, Don - goddess of the people and goddess of Wisdom.
    A. Features: Appears as an old plump lady with grey hair, grey eyes and grey robes, but sometimes appears very young and beautiful.
    B. Cult Object: the staff, an apple

  23. Lludd, Nudd, Nuada - like Jupiter - the father of the gods - "the good father."
    A. Features: Fair, grey eyes, long beard and long hair which is white - wears a very short brown tunic - "cut so short his ass shows" - very jolly natured, has a great appetite.
    B. Cult Object: A magic spear.
  24. Amaethon - god of agriculture, a son of Don.Harp

  25. Gwydion - God of kindness, arts, eloquence and magic, son of Don, heir to Math the Great Bear.
    A. Features: Fair, blond short hair, blue eyes, a blue robe or tunic.
    B. Cult Object: a harp, pigs, cattle, a wolf and stag, a magic wand of beechwood.

  26. Star and MoonArianrhod - Star and moon goddess - much like Sirona, Mother of Llew, Lady of Gwynydd.
    A. Features: Translucent like starlight
    B. Cult Objects: Moon and star, a silver wheel of nine spokes, the Aurora Borealis

  27. Lugh, Lug - Uncontested master of all arts (even war), smith, carpenter, poet, harpist, historian and sorcerer. The Gaulish and Irish Lord of Light, reflected brightness like the full moon.
    A. Features: Ruddy, blue eyes, black hair and clean shaven - very handsome.
    B. Cult Objects: Goat, cock and turtle, also a bag of coins and the magic sword and spear.

  28. Llyr, Ler - Welsh god of the sea, consort to Anu, father to Bran, Branwen and Manawyddan.
    A. Features: Not known except he is handsome.
    B. Cult Objects: Sea shells, gulls, sea serpent.
  29. Bron, Bran - Protector of poets and bards, a very large, handsome, manly looking god.

  30. Manawyddan, Manannan , Manon - a magician god. "Opener of Worlds", protector of sailors, son of Llyr, consort is Rhiannon as the "Red Brigit".
    A. Features: Dark, dark eyes (black), black hair - wears black or dark grey robes.
    B. Cult Object: the wand, the Coracle, the Crane Bag full of Wonders.

  31. The Dagda - Irish "Lord of Complete Knowledge". Master of life and death - dispenser of plenty.
    A. Features: Dark, brown eyes, brown hair, wise and kindly looking - blues and purple robes.
    B. Cult Objects: The flesh hook and the rod of command.

  32. Morrigu, Morrigan, Morgana - Goddess of war, death, fertility and magic. Seen as 3 or 5 fold.
    A. Features: Dark and ruddy, brown eyes or sometimes green eyes, black hair - wears wine red robes, can be young or old.
    B. Cult Object: Raven

  33. Oengus, Angus - god of love. Son of the Dagda
    A. Features: A youth with fair skin, red hair and green eyes - very loving - full of fun, noted for size of phallus.

  34. Dwyn - God of love
    A. Features: A youth with dark skin, black hair and dark brown eyes - plays tricks, noted for size of phallus.
  35. Rosemerta - Goddess of abundance - consort is Lugh
    A. Features: Rosy, honey colored hair, brown eyes, wears warm reds, browns and greens.
    B. Cult Objects: Cornucopia flowing out with all good things.



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