Y Awenechen

The Days of Power
I. The Sun:
A work of power may be done on any of the eight great days but generally they are reserved for worship.

High Days
Common Name(s)Welsh NameEnglish EquivelentDate
1.YuleAlban GwydionDay of JoyWinter solstice
2. Imbolc, OimelcCanol GaeafThe Ritual of Brid's FireFeb. 4th or 5th
3. The Lady's DayAlban EileHerdda's DayVernal equinox
4. BeltaneCalon MaiThe Adventure of the SunMay 5th or 6th
5.MidsummerAlban HefinLetha's DaySummer solstice
6. LughnassadGwyl IfanThe Feast of ManonAug. 7th or 8th
7.MabonAlban ElfedHellith's DayAutumnal equinox
8.SamhainCalan GaeafDay of the AncestorsNov. 7th or 8th

II. The Moon
You begin with the first full moon after Yule.

Crescent Moon 1. Wolf Moon
2. Storm Moon
3. Chaste Moon
4. Seed Moon
5. Hare Moon
6. Dyad Moon
7. Mead Moon
8. Wort Moon
9. Barley Moon
10. Wine Moon
11. Blood Moon
12. Snow Moon
13. Oak Moon

We also celebrate the following other special days:
The sixth night after the new moon, called "The Mistletoe Rites"
The Tarbofest and other certain seasonal and calendric dates.
And every chance we get to get together!
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